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Desktop Tablet Press Machine

Desktop Tablet Press Machine

Desktop Tablet Press Machine

TP1400 Single Punch Desktop Tablet Machine

TTP1400 Single punch desktop tablet press machine is designed on the basis of easy operation. The body is made up of stainless materials while the parts that contact with the product are composed of 304 stainless steels. The diameter and the volume of tablets can be adjusted by changing different desktop tablet press dies.
Operation: The raw materials of tablets are placed into a shaking shoe-shaped utensil. A hopper can be connected to the utensil when the quantity is large (raw materials entering through the hopper). The finished tablets are released from a flume where a utensil can be put to contain the tablets.

Features of TP1400 Single Punch Desktop Tablet Machine:

TP1400 single punch desktop tablet press machine can produce 140 tablets per minute. The 5-15mm dies and the volume are both adjustable. This desktop tablet machine produces tablets in small quantity and it is easy to move. A funnel can be connected to the machine. It is a desirable facility to test taste with its own driving motor and its sterile design which reaches the latest European CE standard. Light, easily movable, it can be placed on the table. The glass cover facilitates the observation of the pressing process.

Parameters of TP1400 Single Punch Desktop Tablet Press Machine:

Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm)
Max. Pressure (KN)
Production Capacity (p/m)
Overall dimensions (mm)
Net weight (KG)
Motor Power

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