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Soup Cube Production Line

Soup Cube Production Line

ZP-25 Soup Cube Production Line

Main Application:

This machine was a dual-pressure continuous automatic rotary tablet machine, it can press granular raw materials into tablets. It is primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, tablet production, and also the chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors.
Working Principle:
1.Machine meets GMP and Made in stainless steel. The inner tablet press surface already be special treated, which could keep surface luster and prevent from being polluted crossly.
2.Equipped with plexiglass perspective window which could help to observe the status of pressing piece. Side blank could be fully opened, easy to clean and maintain.
3.All monitors and operating components are in good order.
4.Applying with frequency changing, speed regulating apparatus to do electricity regulation. The convenient operation and smooth revolving are safe and correct. Combining machine with electricity, equipped with touching key and screen.
5.Transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the main machine which is a separate component. No pollution and easy to send out heat and resist grinding.
6.Powder-absorbing apparatus could absorb the powder in the piece-pressing room.

Technique Parameter of ZP-25 Soup Cube Production Line:

Dies(sets) 25
Max.Pressure(KN) 120
Max.Dia.of tablet(mm) 25
Max.Filling Depth(mm) 30
Max.thickness of tablet(mm) 15
Diameter of punch 26
Length of upper punch(mm) 125
Length of lower punch(mm) 156
Diameter of middle mould(mm) 36mm
Height of middle mould(mm) 30+5
Rotary Speed 11-28
Production Capacity(pieces/h) 30000-80000
Motor(kw) 5.5kw
Overall Dimensions(mm) 950×960×1600
Net Weight(kg) 1500

ZP17B Soup Cube Production Line

Main Application:

ZP17B soup cube production line is the latest research and design one machine. The machine is used for making the powder into tablet. This machine could make different shape and size tablet. Such as the round tablet, oval tablet, ring tablet, etc. This machine mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, food and chemical industry.


1. Frequency converion used in the machine. The speed could be adjusted.
2. Machine with big pressure, work stability.
3. Transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the working area, with work separately. No pollution and easy to send out heat and resist grinding.
4. Equipped with transparent window which could help to observe the status of pressing tablet.
5. Transparent window could be fully opened, machine easy to clean and maintenance. All monitors and operating components work well together.
6. Equipped with over-load protection apparatus. When pressure overloads, the machine will stop automatically.

Technique Parameter of ZP17B Soup Cube Production Line:

Dies(sets) 17
Max.Pressure(kn) 120
Max.dia.of tablet(mm) 36
Max.Depth of fill(mm) 18-30
Max.thickness of largest tablet(mm) 8-15
Turret Speed(r/min) 10-25
Length of up and down punch pole(mm) 40mm
Length of up punch pole(mm) 175mm
Length of down punch pole(mm) 180mm
Diameter of middle mould(mm) 52mm
Production Capacity(pcs/h) 25500
Motor Power(kw) 7.5kw
Overall Size(mm) 900*800*1640
Weight(kg) 1500

We are a professional soup cube production line manufacturer in China. We have gained the recognition of a large number of clients through our 20 years' production experience and 15 years' marketing and serving experience, and meanwhile we have accumulated abundant experience in terms of products. At the same time, we keep researching soup cube press machines that can better meet the clients' needs and the market. Our soup cube press machines have been exported to South America, Africa, East Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. We have clients in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, and Pakistan. Located in Shanghai, the biggest port city of China, we are provided with convenient transportations of any kind, by land, sea or air, which will greatly reduce your transportation cost. To meet the clients' different demands, we can provide single punch tablet press machine, rotary tablet press machine, flower basket tablet press machine. If you need soup cube production line, please contact us.

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