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Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine

Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine

Description of DXDP-40II Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine:

Our DXDP-40II adopts the singlechip control offered by American Intel Company, which makes it possible to adjust the package's length. There is no need to replace the gears. It can be revised to the right position after the intelligent cursor positions 1-2 packages. DXDP-40II automatic tablet packing machine adopts advanced chain pitch wheel transmission system to conduct continuous sealing. This design not only guarantees the machine's stable operation, but decreases noise, lengthens its life span and increases its efficiency. The automatic tablet packag machine's cutting knife uses flail knife friction so that the incision is smooth. The unique oil seepage lubricant system can do 24-hour lubricating, lengthening the machine's life span.

Application of DXDP-40II:

It is suitable for the automatic packaging of round tablets used in medicine, foods and spheroidal sugar coated tablet, plain film, chocolate beans and pan goods.

Features of DXDP-40I:

It can automatically finish package production, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heat pressing lot number, as well as adjust the angle of instilling substance.

Technique Parameter of DXDP-40II Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine:

Packing Materials: Cellophane Paper/Polyethylene, BOPP/ Polyethylene, Aluminum Foil/ Polyethylene
Bag Size
L: 55-110mm / W: 30-80mm
Packing Speed
50-110 bags/min
Measurement Range
Power Supply
220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW
Overall Size

We are a professional automatic tablet packing machine manufacturer in China. We have gained the recognition of a large number of clients through our 20 years' production experience and 15 years' marketing and serving experience, and meanwhile we have accumulated abundant experience in terms of products. At the same time, we keep researching automatic tablet packaging machines that can better meet the clients' needs and the market. Our products have been exported to South America, Africa, East Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. We have clients in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, and Pakistan. Our company is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, which allows us to boast a unique production advantage and convenient transportation. If you need pharmaceutical machine, please contact us.
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