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Powder Mixer

Powder Mixer

Description of Powder Mixer

The powder mixer is used for mixing powder or wet material to make the different ratio of materials mixed evenly. The contact part with material of powder mixer is made of stainless steel. The gap bhttpeen the blade and inner wall is slim and there is no hidden corner during mixing. The stirring axis is fixed with sealing on both ends which can prevent material leaking outside. The hopper is controlled by buttons, and its discharging is convenient.

Features of Powder Mixer

Our powder mixer has the features of compact structure, simple operation, nice appearance, small occupied place, easy cleaning and great mixing etc. The powder mixer is for powder and damp material mixing. The powder mixer set makes stirring blade rotate though mechanical drive to force the material stir to-and-fro thus makes the mixing even. The operation is controlled by electric controller, and the mixing time can be set according needs, when it reaches the set value, it will stop automatically.

Application of Powder Mixer

It is widely applied to mix material in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and so on. It is especially suitable for the condition that the materials have big proportion difference and the needed uniformity is high.
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