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Tablet Press Machine


The earliest tablet press is made up of one set of moulds, whose punches press granular substance into tablets through the upward and downward movements. This kind of machine is called single-punch tablet compression machine. Later it was evolved into electrical basket tablet press machine. These two types of tablet press machine share the same principle of work that is one-side pressing based on manual pressing moulds during which process only the uplink movement imposes pressure while the downlink remains still. This mode of pressing, due to the disparity in the upper and bottom pressure, causes an uneven density inside the tablets that brings about fracture or other problems.
In other to solve these defects of single punch tablet press machine, a kind of revolving multi-punch tablet compression machine was invented. It can impose equal pressure during both uplink and downlink movements so that there is enough time for the air inside the medicine's particles to escape from the mould holes so as to make the tablets' density more even and reduce fractures. Besides, revolving tablet press machine is featured by a minute shake, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and the precision for tablets' weight.
The rotary tablet press machine is a kind of machinery that presses granular particles into tablets through the even sets of moulds' circular movement up and down along certain path. Tablet press machine with jumper bars that revolve together with rotating table at a linear velocity ≥60m/min is called high speed rotary tablet press machine. With a mechanism that forces the supply of materials and controlled by plc, it has the ability to automatically adjust the pressure, control the tablets' weight, rid of wasted tablets, print data, and show malfunctions. Not only can it control the disparity of tablets' weight within a certain limit, it can also identify and eliminate quality problems such as incomplete angles and loose tablets.
Tablets pressed by tablet compression machine were mostly at the beginning oblate. Later, they gradually developed into low and deep arc shape upside and downside to satisfy the need of lagging cover. With the advancement of table press machine, tablets with elliptical shape, triangle shape, long circular shape, square shape, rhombus shape and ring shape came into being. Besides, special tablets such as double-layer, three-layer and core-spun tablets in order to meet the needs of compound preparation and special preparation, need to be made on special table press machines.
With the development of market demands, table press machines are more and more widely used. They are no longer confined to pressing medicine tablets; instead, they can be used for pressing health food, veterinary tablets, chemical tablets (camphor ball, detergent block, art powder block, and pesticide tablets), food tablets (radix block, tea block, hard tack) and so forth.

Work Process

1. The downlink punch (working place at the top) penetrates into the middle mould hole through its bottom to seal the middle mould's bottom holes;
2. Fill medicine into middle mould holes by means of batch charger;
3. The uplink punch (working place at the bottom) penetrates into the middle mould hole through its top, and goes down a little bit to press medicine powder into tablets;
4. The uplink lifts the out hole and the downlink arises to push the tablets out of the middle mould holes. Thus one pressing is competed;
5. The downlink drops to the original place to prepare for the next filling.
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